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General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in 46AA
Industry Healthcare
Headquarters Hierosalem
Key people unknown
BioticPlus is a developer of "Active Inoculation" immunity shots. Instead of using weekend or dead pathogens to strengthen the body's immune system, these shots introduce genetically modified bacteria and viruses that attack diseases alongside with the body's natural defenses. This makes "Active Inoculations" more effective than traditional "passive" inoculations.

BioticPlus is one of the most controversial companies to have received funding from Amplified Redemptive. When voting on funding for BioticPlus, many members of Amplified Redemptive's board expressed the belief that the technology strayed too close to the realm of Purpose Built Organisms - which have historically been weaponized to cause gruesome deaths during wartime.

After nearly a year of being locked in by a stalemate, BioticPlus won over additional board members by promising to indefinitely donate 20% of their profit in the form of inoculation shots to those that could not afford it. The board then deemed that this contribution to the greater good would outweigh the risk of potentially opening the door for Purpose Built Organisms that could be weaponized.

Despite its rocky start, BioticPlus has been able to grow at a sustainable pace since receiving its initial startup funds. This is in part due to their business strategy of selling "subscriptions" to their immunity-boosters instead of single-dose administrations. After subscribing to one of their programs, which provide several different options for degrees of protection, the customers regularly receive updates for their Active Inoculation in the form of a booster shot. These updates re-invigorate the already present microbodies and "teaches" them to ward off new pathogens.