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General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in unknown
  • Law enforcement
Headquarters Bei'an
Key people unknown
Parent company LC Holdings
BeiSec is the law enforcement agency of Bei'an. Though it originated as a subsidiary of LC Holdings, BeiSec's corporate culture has developed to be radically different from that of its parent company.

Where LC Holdings abides by the tradition that the bloodline or prestige of an employee is valued more than their performance metrics, BeiSec has almost completely disregarded LC Holdings' preference for heritage in favor of a model which values employees based on their performance and obedience.

Surprisingly, this culture is encouraged by Liu Pei Chuan in the same way he encourages the bloodline-based corporate culture of LC Holdings. His reasons for taking such different approaches to the two companies have been the subject of speculation, with the prevailing theory being that the radically different corporate cultures may be something of an experiment on Chuan's part to see which approach yields superior results.