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Be happy logo
General Info
Founded by
Founded in unknown
Industry Software Development
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people
Parent company Maelstrom Group (Disputed)
BeHappy Uniform.jpg
BeHappy builds photo-realistic hologram companions, offering product lines ranging from professional assistants to household pets. The company is the result of a merger of ImagineSpace and Companion Unlimited, and is a part of the Maelstrom Group. BeHappy was founded my Mikka Mia and Hendrik Yiao.

The cheaper versions of BeHappy's companions are nothing more than glorified chat-bots, running simple response-interaction programs. Premium companions tread the line between sophisticated simulations and true intelligence.

Despite the vast differences in capabilities, the acquisition processes for all models are quite similar. Potential customers visit a "Companion Creation Facility", where a sales representative explains the process and asks a number of questions to determine the nature and the relationship desired with the companion.

During the early years of Companion Unlimited, stories spread of clients becoming desperately obsessed with their companions, occasionally ending their own lives out of frustration at their inability to interact with their companions on a physical level.

The most notable of these was the suicide of Thomann Xi, former CEO of CentraMart. His body was found in his bedroom, hanging from a light fixture. In his suicide note, he expressed his frustration at being unable to have a "meaningful and physical relationship with the love of my life, Phyla."

This case drew a great deal of attention to Companion Unlimited's products and was quickly followed by an accusation by his brother, Thorsten Xi, that his death was part of a much grander conspiracy. These claims eventually led to an investigation was carried out by the InterCorp Bureau of Investigation.

The investigation concluded that Phyla was programmed with the intention of inducing mental and emotional trauma in the client. Though several court hearings and further investigations have borne no fruit, the case remains open. Neither Mikka Mia nor Maelstorm have offered any comments on the matter.

BeHappy is currently involved in a legal dispute with Maelstorm to obtain its independence from the parent group. Mikka Mia has already officially declared BeHappy's separation, but Maelstorm refuses to acknowledge this and has declared intent to continue to treat BeHappy as a subsidiary.