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General Info
Founded by Nexus
Founded in unknown
Industry Rental
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people Nexus (CEO)
4Rent is a company which allows its clients to rent almost any imaginable good temporarily for a modest price.

4Rent started off as a localized, community-driven company that would enable consumers to easily rent unused goods from companies or other consumers. For a modest commission fee, 4Rent would ensure that all paperwork, insurances, billing and even transport of the objects is taken care of. The localized approach, combined with the ability to almost rent everything, ranging from art to impress the in-laws, to surplus construction machines, enabled 4Rent to grow exponentially. As 4Rent doesn’t actually own any of the objects that they rent, very little startup capital was required.

The company was founded by Nexus, an enigmatic hacker with a pendant for creating and cracking distributed networks. Most business analysts seem to agree that the company's success should be seen as something of an "accident", as it was likely never intended to be anything more than a side project.

Currently, 4Rent has a large fleet of various self-driving vehicles and drones that are capable of autonomously picking up goods and transporting them to the clients. This process has been optimized to such an extent that in certain cities, 4Rent provides the 4RentPlus subscription, which guarantees a 5-minute delivery after the payment has been verified.

4Rent uses extensive algorithms that enable companies that rent out goods by means of their platform to carefully select what prices they should ask for their goods. This has also led to a counterculture of Wizzkids who try to "game" the system in order to increase their rent ratings, which in turn can greatly decrease the rental costs. The misuse of this service by criminals in certain areas have resulted in soaring rent prices for all but the most basic commodities.